Episodes listed by topic focus


Ultimate Guide – the art and science of partnering…

  1. How Microsoft thinks about its top partners, Eric Loper. http://bit.ly/2oAFSKg
  2. “Cloud -First” strategy, Microsoft’s CSP Program, William Lewallen. http://bit.ly/2AVDnUC
  3. Microsoft P-Seller, Stephanie Martin. http://bit.ly/2AUnPR3
  4. New Microsoft OCP Decoded, Bill Hawkins. http://bit.ly/2wJB5qf
  5. Season of Change, Eric Loper. http://bit.ly/2wMhckg
  6. Channel Incentives, Scott Peltier. http://bit.ly/2AV9uUE
  7. CSP Update, William Lewallen. http://bit.ly/2xAos4F
  8. Licensing Partners, Scott Buth. http://bit.ly/2B7ZpHP

Partners that get it right – lessons from premier technology partners… 

  1. Journey to premier status with Microsoft, Google and Facebook. Tony Safoian. http://apple.co/2uQQbMR
  2. 10th Magnitude – Anatomy of a born in the cloud partner, Jason Rook. http://bit.ly/2BuUNIW
  3. Avepoint leverages social, Dux Raymond Sy. – http://bit.ly/2vRk5l3
  4. Adventos Transformation to ISV, Mariano Delle Donne. http://bit.ly/2w6U9yd
  5. Tribridge – Dynamics Partner of the Year, Tony DiBenedetto. http://bit.ly/2CWjK06
  6. Champion Solutions, Chris Pyle. http://bit.ly/2kG3KXM
  7. Armor Security, Dan Mannion. http://bit.ly/2AUTi5R
  8. Brand, Employees and Customers with 10th Magnitude, Jason Rook. http://bit.ly/2kcRrTs
  9. Kudzoo, Logan Cohen. http://bit.ly/2yT3LfY

It’s happening so fast – trends in transformation…

  1. Microsoft Partners advancing 21st century policy, Jonathan Friebert. http://bit.ly/2kHC9W6
  2. Inspiring Partners, Kati Quigley. – http://bit.ly/2wd8g3G
  3. Introducing Cloud Wave Partners. http://bit.ly/2f6zeqP
  4. Grit and Determination – http://bit.ly/2ikWfI2
  5. Partner Transformation, Toby Richards. http://bit.ly/2oBPWCV
  6. What’s Next, Tiffani Bova. http://bit.ly/2CWBR6b
  7. On Leadership and Teams, Don Yaeger. http://bit.ly/2iU1w6S and http://bit.ly/2jfcpAp

What would Google say, how other Technology Giants think…

  1. Google Cloud Platform, Eric Rosenkrantz. http://bit.ly/2vJyHP7
  2. VMWare with Shawn Toldo. http://bit.ly/2j8SGoA
  3. Intermedia with Eric Martorano. http://bit.ly/2f8Xnu4
  4. Sales Force in Government, Casey Coleman. http://bit.ly/2kG8Fbi

Industry-focus – partner led…

  1. Government Cloud, Mike Batt. http://bit.ly/2oIwy7w
  2. Transforming Healthcare, Bill Hawkins. http://bit.ly/2B8w2W1
  3. Education Channel, Tom O’Neil. http://bit.ly/2kEpSlo
  4. Promise of Digital Health, Andrea McGonigle. http://bit.ly/2u0rrh8
  5. Public Safety, Rick Zak. http://bit.ly/2nEG3E7