#19: Introducing Cloud Wave Partners

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to Partnering. In this episode of the podcast, you get to hear me – Vince Menzione – being interviewed by Jen Spencer on her technology and channel podcast – the Allbound Podcast, hosted by Jen Spencer.

Jen was kind enough to invite me to her show which features technology channel leaders to discuss trends and success strategies. We discuss my experiences and insights in the channel and my new venture Cloud Wave Partners.

In this episode, we discuss what makes successful partnerships – how compensation drives behavior – and why commitment to a shared purpose is essential to success. Here is a link to the article and show notes from Allbound.

As a footnote – I’m releasing this episode with the official launch of my website www.cloudwavepartners.net where you can sign up for my weekly newsletter to read about my latest podcast episodes and other useful nuggets of information.

I hope you enjoy this episode

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