#4: Microsoft’s commitment to Government Cloud with partners

Flashback three years to when a new CEO Satya Nadella is on stage making a commitment to invest hundreds of millions of dollars to build out a “Government Cloud” – Amazon has a head start and Microsoft was playing catch up. Fast forward to today, “what progress has the organization made to catch up and surpass the competition and what specific opportunities exist for partners in Government Cloud?”

Michael Batt, Director of Government Partner Programs and a 21 year veteran of the company joined a recent episode of my podcast to discuss the important role partners play to growing Microsoft’s Government Cloud business.

In my interview we discussed what differentiates Microsoft’s Government Cloud versus AWS, the attributes of partners that “got it right” working in the Government business at Microsoft, the opportunity that is being created by emerging Alliance partnerships with companies like Adobe and Citrix, and use case scenarios for partners to leverage IoT and Advanced Analytics to create new applications in government.

Partners that are new to government procurement vehicles can best leverage other Microsoft partners that have opened up their contracts to allow other partners to sell a Microsoft cloud solution. Mike references a contracting vehicle that makes it easy for partners with little to no previous government contracting experience to engage. This contract US Communities Contract, is held by another Microsoft partner Insight.

Partners looking to connect and partner in Government Cloud can reach Mike Batt at: mbatt@microsoft.com.

As in each of my interviews, I devote a portion of our time to discuss my guests professional journey and useful information they can share. Mike recommended a book that he likes with our listners: This Used To Be Us: How America Fell Behind in the World It Invented and How We Can Come Back, by Thomas Friedman.

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