Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to Partnering

Welcome to a podcast focused on inspiring partners to connect and thrive in the age of digital transformation. The Ultimate Guide to Partnering* is your “go to destination” to learn from technology leaders in Redmond and elsewhere how to best engage, align and execute to grow your business.

Featuring  industry leaders from Microsoft and other technology giants and IT partners that have “gotten it right”, the goal is to deconstruct the success formulas and best practices of great technology partnerships.

Rather than a lengthy blog post or video format, these podcasts will be quick, consumable and hopefully useful segments you can listen to on your ride to work, your workout or while dropping the kids off at soccer practice.

I hope the Ultimate Guide to Partnering* informs and inspires you to succeed.

*  Formerly known as the “Unofficial Guide to Partnering”.


I’ve focused my career on business growth and transformation and much of my success can be attributed to strong “partnering” with other organizations to deliver successful business outcomes.

I’ve described my career as consisting of “Three Successful Transformations”. My first was the 20 year-old startup defining the new wireless computing industry in the 90s’. The second was a turnaround building a new market, experiencing exponential growth and a successful divestiture. And the third was my almost nine years at Microsoft, transforming a partner strategy at the most critical inflection point with the transformation to the cloud.

I’ve learned that partnering is not always easy. Aligning priorities, go to market strategies and field engagement between disparate organizations sound great on paper, but executing in the field requires attention and persistent focus.

This weekly podcast aims to inform the IT Partner Ecosystem and help both partners and the Technology Giants that they support be more successful. Partners need help aligning and engaging and giants like Microsoft need commitment from these partners to build and bring solutions to market and to scale. This podcast is a win-win and my way of giving back to an industry that has rewarded me for many years.

Please share feedback and suggestions for future episodes. I’m hoping to make this fun and my goal is to add value to listeners and grow interest in this destination and community. Feedback and listener support will be keys to success.


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